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Reiki Classes


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Reiki Level I $199

(12 CEUs)

Reiki Level II $299

(12 CEUs)

Reiki Level III $499

(15 CEUs)


It’s a fact. Every year, more and more people rely on therapeutic massage and bodywork for relaxation, pain relief, health concerns, rehabilitation and general wellness. To help you better understand this rapidly growing field, we’d like to share some information with you.

Today, 39 million American adults – more than one out of every six – get at least one massage each year.**

Massage therapy has been proven effective in:

Because massage and bodywork directly or indirectly affects every system of the body, it promotes health, prevents illness and injury, and speeds recovery.

In a recent survey, respondents shared their primary reasons for choosing alternative therapies:

Today, there are nearly 90,000 nationally certified practitioners serving consumers.