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Reiki Classes


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Reiki Level I $199

(12 CEUs)

Reiki Level II $299

(12 CEUs)

Reiki Level III $499

(15 CEUs)



Reiki Healing

Gentle hand placements at specific chakra points transfer healing energy through the practitioner to the client. This simple method of healing promotes overall wellness; Reiki can boost the immune system, increase endorphin levels, and transmit healing energy to organs and glands as it balances the corresponding chakra.

The Bodhi – Intuitive Bodywork Session – 90 minutes

A 90-minute session like no other. A 30-minute massage combines rocking, compression, Swedish and neuromuscular massage to relax and prepare you for an hour-long Reiki and Guided Intuition session, encouraging Mind, Body and Spirit to heal.

Distant Reiki Healing 

Some believe a Distant Healing session to be even more powerful than in-person. I can do a Distant Healing Session anywhere in the world.  Reiki is energy and not limited by time or space. The sessions are conducted exactly like an in-person session.  A time is set up, I ask the client to be in a quiet, restful location for the duration of the session. For U.S. clients, we will have a brief phone chat at the start of the session (unless you prefer email) and a follow up chat at the end. All overseas sessions will be conducted via email.